Single Deposit Savings Calculator
This calculator will help you to determine the future value of a one-time investment.

To calculate the future value of a one-time investment, enter the deposit amount, the interest rate you expect to earn, and the number of years you will allow the investment to grow, then click the "Compute" button.

Enter the deposit amount:
Enter the annual interest rate:
Enter the number of years:
Future value:
Interest earned:

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Loan Payment Calculator

Loan Payment Calculator
This calculator will compute a loan's monthly payment and total interest charges.

Interest Rate:
# of Years:
Monthly payment:
Total Interest:

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Loan Payment with Amortization Schedule

Loan Payment Calculator with Amortization Schedule
This calculator will compute a loan's payment amount at various payment intervals -- based on the principal amount borrowed, the length of the loan and the annual interest rate. Then, once you have computed the payment, click on the "Create Amortization Schedule" button to create a report you can print out.

How much are you looking to borrow?
What is the loan's annual interest rate?
What is the term of the loan in years?
What is the payment interval?
Date 1 payment-period prior to date of 1st payment:
This is the amount of your payment:

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Net Worth Calculator

Net Worth Calculator
This calculator was designed to help you to take a "picture" of your current financial condition. Whereas an income and expense statement shows you your financial picture for a period of time (month, year, etc.), this Net Worth Calculator will show you your financial picture at a single point in time (a specific date). That way, if you compute your Net Worth now, and then again 3 months from now, you will be able to tell whether your financial picture is improving or getting worse.

Starting at the top and working your way down, complete and calculate the totals for each of the six sections. Be sure to click on each section's "Compute..." button before going on to the next section. Once you've computed the entire worksheet, including the Summary Assets & Liabilities, click on the "Create Report" button at the bottom of the worksheet. This will create a condensed report in a new window that you can print-out and compare to your other Net Worth Reports.

Your Name Enter date to display on report
Assets Liabilities
Liquid Assets Short-Term
Cash (checking & savings accounts) Credit Cards
Short-Term Investments Car Loan
Treasury Bills Construction Liens/Notes/Balances Due
Savings Certificates Loan on Life Insurance
Money Market Funds Installment Loans
Cash Value of Life Insurance Accrued Income Taxes
Other Other Debt
Total Liquid Assets Total Short-Term Liabilities
Investment Assets Long-Term
Notes Receivable Loans to Purchase Personal Assets
Marketable Securities Loan to Acquire Business
Securities Mortgage on Personal Residence(s)
Bonds Note to Business
Real Estate (investment) Other
Tax Incentive Investments Other
Retirement Funds Other
Total Investment Assets Total Long-Term Liabilities
Personal Assets Contingent Liabilities
Residence Endorser
Vacation Property Guarantor (SBA Loan)
Art, Antiques Damage Claims
Furnishings Taxes
Vehicles Other
Other Other
Total Personal Assets Total Contingent Liabilities
Total Assets Total Liabilities
Net Worth

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The Above Numbers Are Only Estimates: Be aware that the above numbers are only estimates. The future value and interest earned can vary. The above numbers are provided only as an initial estimate and are only as accurate as the underlying assumptions. Be sure to consult your bank officer for accurate, up-to-date information as it relates to your particular situation.

How The Amount Is Determined: The estimated amount of the loan you can afford is determined by considering the amount the monthly payment and down payment affords without regard to possible limiting factors such as adequacy of down payment, your capacity to assume additional debt, etc. Please be aware that these and other factors may influence the amount of loan you can afford.

A Word About Insurance: You may be required to pay insurance, it will depend of the Loan-to-Value ratio. This ratio is computed as the value of the loan divided by the value of the asset you are buying or using as collateral and indicates how much you actually have a loan for. Depending of the value of the loan-to-value ratio many lenders will require insurance.

If the loan is a Mortgage, Insurance is paid monthly and is added to the monthly escrow (or impound) amount you pay to cover homeowner's insurance and property taxes. Annual mortgage insurance premiums are usually determined by multiplying the initial loan amount by anywhere from ¼% to 1% or more (depending on the loan-to-value ratio) and then dividing that amount by 12 to get the monthly amount.

Many Factors Influence The Ability To Obtain Financing: Many factors influence the cost of and ability to arrange for financing. Some key factors are the price of the asset you want to buy or are using as collateral versus its appraisal value, your credit history, current debt burden, current employment, employment history, and amount (and sometimes the source) of down payment. Please consult with your lender for additional information. All loan applications are subject to credit approval.

Financial Calculators
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