Our experienced and professional loan officers work closely with you to match personalized
loans and credit lines that will fit your needs. At Apex Bank, we don’t try to fit you into
our product; we fit our product to you!

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Important information: Apex Bank will never ask you for personal information, like account numbers and or passwords through e-mail.  Be aware of e-mails asking you to download programs; Apex Bank will never ask you to do so.

Do not respond to any e-mail asking you to update your personal information online or through the phone. Only utilize the Bank numbers found on our website.

The Federal Depository Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has sent out an alert to consumers, companies and financial institutions about certain fraudulent e-mails which supposedly come from, or are related to, financial institutions.  Such fraudulent e-mails are scams that use the internet as a vehicle and incorporate certain news such as mergers, acquisitions, and or bank closures to appear legitimate to obtain information.

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Mortgage Originators:

641 Office:
Marcus Vine - NMLS ID 786408
Steve Matlock - NMLS ID 610545
Kim Norwood - NMLS ID 786413
Jessica Stanfield - NMLS ID 786410

Main Office:
Mary Teague - NMLS ID 786409
Lisa Hicks - NMLS ID 786416

Big Sandy Office:
Jerold Johnson - NMLS ID 786415

Bruceton Office:
Donna Cole - NMLS ID 786419

Santiago Cuccarese NMLS ID 786418
Adriana Ortega NMLS ID 1085919

Apex Bank Institutional ID 769773

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